Today’s outfit is brought to you by this demo cap from Neurolab.  It’s a $1 demo but it’s also perfectly wearable – you just pay for hats with different designs on them.  Maybe it’s just because I’m cheap but I like that idea.  It also has great resizing and stretching scripts in it that made it surprisingly easy to fit over my unmoddable mesh hair.  Admittedly though this is some of the flatter hair I have and the hat’s still huge.

These are also the new and improved UBU High-Tops.  They look just like the old ones I own but now they’ve got improved scripts and – the reason I got them – you can now remove the scripts, so I don’t feel bad wearing them to busy places any more.

Photos were taken at NN City, much better photographed by Melusina Parkin on Flickr.

What I’m Wearing:

Hat: Neurolab – MESH CAP “Brand” V.3
Bodysuit: R.icielli – IRIS body
Shoes: UBU PornStar Hi-Tops

Pearl Bracelet: Acid & Mala – My Fav Bracelet Black Pearls
Spiked Bracelet: Pure Poison – Wicki Spikes Bracelets
 Alienbear – “Love-Love-Love” Necklace
Belt: S&S – F Belt Silver (no longer available it looks like)

Hair: Lelutka – Cheryl
 Redgrave – Diva
Silver Eye Shadow: R.icielli – 9 Eyeshadows Promotion
Dark Eye Shadow: Caliente Express – Eyeshadow Smoke Eyes
 Belleza – Aiko (tan)
Eyes: Ikon – Sunrise Eyes