I’m Pretty Big Around Here

So today’s a casual blazer and jeans look.  It’s very December.  The photos are taken in a cute model village/train set called Sweetbay Designs Garden Gauge Layout.

Big city girl in a small town. Click for a bigger, wider shot.

Like leather jackets I’ve had a hard time finding a good blazer that’s done up.  This one is a full perm builder’s kit from Meli Imako but it’s no more expensive than most retail stuff is.  I had to tweak the alpha layer to stop me clipping through a lot but that’s mesh for you.

I also chucked on some leopard print shoes to add a bit of character and contrast to the look.  Then I peered in people’s windows:

click for a bigger version

“Hello in there? Excuse me I’m looking for my dog, Clifford.”

There’s something charming about making a model village in Second Life, besides the fun out-of-scale photos.  It makes me want to build one now.

I brought this tiny car to pick up my clown friends

These shoes do look good as long as you don’t bend your ankle too far.

The main attraction is the detailed trains.  I originally found this place while looking for a steam train for a photo I wanted to take.  I found a store with awesome trains but they were all scaled-down on display tables.  Cool idea, I thought, but I need to find the full size versions.  Turns out they were full size.

Elementary, my dear reader

Click to see me next to it for reference

There’s also a little tractor plowing a field with an invisible-pony-riding scarecrow (it scared me, but then again I’m half crow) but I ended up with a picture of me on a boat instead:

So...um...where do I sleep?

So…um…where do I sleep?

What I’m Wearing

Blazer: Meli Imako – Full Perm Mesh Ladies’ Suit Jacket
Jeans: Armidi – Grace Jeans
Tank Tops: Izzie’s – Layered Tank
Scarf: Emery – Scarve Plaid

Earrings: Persona – Babyboy and Babygirl (one of each)
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit – PornStar Hi-Tops

Eyeliner: R.icielli – 9 Eyeshadows Promotion (pink)
Eyeshadow: Glamorize – Knockout Eyes (silver)
 Redgrave – Classy
Nails: Awesome Designs – French Tip Manicure Black
Eyes: Damien Fate – FATEeyes
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Kiki Act II
Skin: Belleza – Aiko medium