Back in My Day

…we used to update out blogs regularly.  And we had to walk a mile in the snow to do it.  Uphill.

photos taken in the Pre Fabulous “Carolina” beach house

Basically this whole look came from The Wrigglesworth’s Residence.  Well except for the special halloween shoes from Boing Fromage:

My shoe is winking at me!

I don’t know if you can still get the pumpkin shoes but they have them in other colours.

c’mon, give Nanna D a kiss

Style Card

Top: The Wrigglesworth’s Residence – Fashion Sweater – Dazzling Dancing Cats
Pants: The Wrigglesworth’s Residence – Pleated Pink Stretch Pants
Shoes: Boing Fromage – MaryJane Flats – Halloween Limited Edition

Glasses: The Wrigglesworth’s Residence – Never Lose Em’ Readers
Walker: The Wrigglesworth’s Residence – The Rollator Walker

Shape, Skin, Hair: The Wrigglesworth’s Residence – Olden Girl Violet