Dark Fairytale

Half the reason for this blog is an excuse to get out all the old outfits I never found a reason to wear and do something fun with them.  This dress is a good example of that.  What does it take to get asked to a vampire ball around here, anyway?

Disclaimer: Unfortunately my laptop’s dying and I can’t even turn on basic shaders so consider yourself warned.

I tried doing this as a series of framed portraits but it wasn’t working for me

I almost never do gowns (this was the only one I own) but I love the gothic fairytale look.  One day I’ll wrangle up some stained glass slippers and a guy with a black princely suit and do a gothic Cinderella photoshoot.  Or I’ll hire someone else to do it so the photos come out good.

photos taken at the Skye Gothic Castle showroom

I took more photos, too, so I’m damn well going to use them:

photos taken at Alirium

pictured: inappropriate clothes for alpine tramping

As much as anything I think this whole post is a place to save ideas to come back to when I have a better computer and more time to spare.

Dress: *sugar* – Kuro
Hair: ETD – Airy (closed now)
Lipstick: the makeupbar – Isabella – Mona Lisa Smiles (really red)
Lace Mask: Nemesis – Lace for Face
Earrings: CCD – Caithlin
Choker: Curious Kitties –  Elegant Lace Neck Bracer
Skin: Belleza – Aiko medium group gift
Eyes: Ikon – ‘Sunrise’ Eyes