You Can Pull Off Anything If You Look Confident Enough

More Meli Imako goodness: the full perm blazer and t-shirt.  I changed the texture to make the tshirt transparent so it’s just a blazer.  Unfortunately because of alpha clashing bugs it gives me trouble with hair or sheer tops that overlap the invisible tshirt.

Remember where we parked

Photos were taken at Virtual Decay (the same location as my last walking-in-high-waisted-denim-shorts post coincidentally).

What I’m Wearing

Blazer: Meli Imako – Blazer with T-shirt
Top: R.icielli – Mini Top
Shorts: Fashionably Dead – High Waist Cutoffs
Boots: Meli Imako – Ladies Suede Ankle Platform Boots

Glasses: Izzie’s – Oversized Sunglasses
Circle Necklace: 
Miam Miam – Circle Charm Necklace
Kosh – Black Shag Bands

Hair: Truth – Angie
 Belleza – Aiko (tan)

You’ll Look So Pretty In A Dress

If you’ve read this post and wondered what I meant by hedging my looks this is it.

Photos taken at the park in Cupcake.

This is much more me, courtesy of some of my favourite things.  The jacket’s from Cipher and has been a favourite for years.  I love the design but it’s made from a pile of sculpts and I’d love a nice mesh version.  I don’t think she’s active any more but I can dream.

These stockings are also a few years old from Apple May but I love the texture

The dress is relatively new from Mon Tissu and is gorgeous but it flares out in a weird way when you sit down.  So try not to sit sit unless you want to flash your alpha layer and people.

Not looking at the camera: it’s kind of my thing.

What I’m Wearing

Jacket: Cipher – Riders Jacket Shawty
Dress: Mon Tissu – Rokoray Dress
Stockings: Apple May – Little Clover Thigh Highs
Boots: Celoe – Cairo Boots

Choker: Refuge – Chained Ring Spike Collar
“Earrings”: Truth – Rayne (actually for hair)

Eyeshadow: Glamorize – Knockout Eyes – Smokey
Eyelashes: Redgrave – Diva
Hair: Truth – Angie
Skin: Belleza – Aiko (medium)
Eyes: Ikon – Sunrise Eyes

It Used To Matter

Today’s photos were taken at Virtual Decay (much more attractively photographed by Honour McMillan here).  It’s a grungy urban decay themed sim built around the Virtual Decay store.

This outfit’s really about these Suicidal Unborn shorts.  I love the texture and I picked this top to show off the high waist.  They line up pretty nicely.

Speaking of this top, I love the idea but not so much the execution.  It tends to stick out in weird ways in some poses but more annoyingly I can’t get an alpha texture to match it.  The same bit of me will be sticking through it in one pose and exposed in another so you can’t win whether you mask it or not.

I still wear it though because I like it but if you can’t stand that kind of thing it’s probably a no-go.

Looking pensive in an alley.

A lot of the textures around here look good at a distance but are pretty blurry up close.  Not sure if that was a problem with my computer not loading textures properly or if they’re just like that.  Wow I’m really complainy today aren’t I?

A closeup of  the studs on the back of the ankle boots.

These ankle boots are a group gift from Lethal Couture.  I like their distinctive style and for 0L there’s no reason NOT to have them.

These boots aren’t made for walking, though.

What I’m Wearing

Top: Redgrave – Sequin Glasses
Shorts: Suicidal Unborn – Cut Off Grunge Jeans
Fishnet Gloves: Sn@tch – Fingerless Fishnet Gloves
Fingerless Gloves: Grasp – Biker Gloves
Boots: Lethal Couture – AMEN Distress Bootie (group gift)

Belt: Fusion – Black wide leather waist belt
Long Necklace: Fusion – Dagger Chain
More Necklaces: Fusion – Chained Pearl Necklace (Silver)
Studded Cuff: Armidi – Pyramid Cuff
Lip Rings: Blow-Up – Pearcing Double Ring Black Sphere

Nails: Awesome Designs – French Tip Manicure
Eye Liner: R.icielli – 9 Eyeshadows Promotion
Eye Shadow: Caliente Express – Eyeshadow Smoke Eyes
Eyelashes: Redgrave – Diva
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Kiki Act II
Eyes: Damien Fate – FATEeyes
Skin: Belleza – Aiko (medium)

Sunday Afternoon

Today I’m back to my regularly scheduled lack of colour:

and coffee!

I love crop jackets and this mesh one from coldLogic comes with the stripey top.  Luckily you can wear them separately, having the versatility gives you way better value for money, especially if you like mixing and matching like I do.

I think I need some low-prim clutter for those shelves

I took these photos in the small but beautiful “For Eku” prefab from Scarlet Creative.  I’m in love with this skybox, it’s gorgeously detailed for not too many prims.

the view is beautiful too

What I’m Wearing

Jacket & Top: coldLogic – Lepore jacket and tube
VG Republic – Female Dollarbie Denim
Boots: Celoe – Cairo Boots

Necklace: Fusion – Chained Pearl Necklace (Silver)

Eyelashes: Redgrave – Diva
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Kumi Mesh Hair
Eye Shadow: Caliente Express – Eyeshadow Smoke Eyes
Eye Liner: R.icielli – 9 Eyeshadows Promotion
Skin: Belleza – Aiko (medium)
Eyes: Ikon – Sunrise Eyes

Coffee Mug: Emma’s – Coffee Mug (it’s free!)

Then Again I’m Half Crow

Today I decided to stretch my wings in a little farm field at the Sand Hill Country:

Oh my god that scary guy's still here.  Maybe I'll come back later.

Oh my god that scary guy’s still here. Maybe I’ll come back later.

I used the Wasteland windlight setting that comes with Firestorm, which I somehow picked accidentally thinking it was the sim’s default.  It looks like there’s a glowey prim over the sky that gives everything a kind of surreal look (and that dark halo around me) no matter what your settings are.

Just kidding.  We’re cool.

The wings are some old sculpted angel wings from Sensations.  They have a variety of positions and textures  and they flap when you fly, which is nice.

I’m on a roof.

The long nails were going for a claws look.  It’s  a shame I couldn’t wear them separately from the rings though.


I don’t know how I lived before multiple makeup layers.

Off to find my next adventure.

What I’m Wearing

Bodysuit (and scarf): Nemesis – Friendship bodysuit
Corset: ISON – geometric corset
Tights: SHOP Toshy – Panty Hose Black Seducer
Boots: Bax Coen – Prestige Boots (Black Leather)

Earrings: Fusion – Dagger Multi Earrings

Hair: ETD – Gwen
 Redgrave – Diva
Silver Eyeshadow: Bubble Faintree – Linter 1L promo
Eyeliner: Boom – The Boldness
Skin: Belleza – Aiko medium
Eyes: Damien Fate – FATEeyes
Wings: Earalia Nolan – Angel Wings

Wish I had a Motorbike

I’m also carrying on my tradition of dark clothes and poor lighting:

photos taken in the OBF Urban Skybox

It’s suprisingly hard to find good closed jackets in SL but this leather jacket from Exodus is just perfect.  I say this just about every post but it’s one of those things I’ve been looking for  for years.

It does clip into my stomach in a lot of poses though so I guess I either  need to make a new alpha layer or start sucking it in for photos.

click for bigger version

For shoes I went for some of my oldest and favouritest boots from Bax:



Style Card

Jacket: Exodus Fashion – Leather jacket “Lady Cherry”
Hotpants: Maitreya – High-Waist Pants
Tights: Wrong – Fishnet Stockings
Gloves: Grasp – Biker Gloves
Boots: Bax Coen – Prestige Boots (Black Leather)

Nose Chain: Acide – Chain
Eye Studs: Deviant Kitties – ICU
Earrings: Fusion – Dagger Multi
Necklace: Fusion – Dagger Chain

Eyelashes: Redgrave – Diva
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Kiki Act II
Eye Shadow: Caliente Express – Eyeshadow Smoke Eyes
Nails: Awesome Designs – French Tip Manicure Black
Skin: Belleza – Aiko (medium)
Eyes: Ikon – Sunrise Eyes


We’re just moving in to a new skybox so I’ve been busy renovating and decorating, which inspired this weekend’s look:

The painting animation is a bit less stiff looking when it’s moving.

The painting supplies are from RC Cluster, including the paint on the wall.  You can change the colour with a menu.

I know the photography’s getting a little sloppy but hey I had a house to paint 😛

I know a lot of people find the sheer top and bra look trashy and that’s fair enough but I think it can look good, add some sexy or cute or even casual to an outfit.

There’s no look that can’t be improved with a little bow.  This bra’s actually sheer but I’m wearing it on multiple layers to make it decent.

I might have forgotten to take off my eye shadow

I was going to talk about how I have to wear the headphones like this because they’re no mod and too small to fit on my head but it looks like the store’s closed so I guess it doesn’t matter now.

Style Card

Shirt: COCO – Shirt & Parka
Tank: Lust – White Lace String Tank Top
Bra: Luck Inc – Temptress
Jeans: Nyte’N’Day – Shred Jeans

Belt: COCO – Wide Belt (Embossing – black)
Boots: COCO – Riding Boots (black) 
Necklace: AddiCt – Circle Necklace
Headphones: Aloft – Headphones

Eyelashes: Redgrave – Diva
Hair: Refuge – Chloe
Eye Shadow: Caliente Express – Eyeshadow Smoke Eyes
Nails: Awesome Designs – French Tip Manicure Black
Skin: Belleza – Aiko medium group gift
Eyes: Ikon – Sunrise Eyes

Mesh is So Mainstream

So I’m all alternative (read: poor) and wearing no mesh again today:

also, I can't breathe in this

I wear all this makeup so you know I don’t care what you think

I have a bit of a thing for corsets and this one from KaS is probably my favourite, despite the fact that I find it impossible to fit.   It’s got a simple design with great little details (like all the padlocks) and is scripted to change tightness, recolour and stop you from bending in it.  I’m just kind of standing there in these shots because I couldn’t find a sit pose that looked natural in it.

this is me standing respectfully in front of the cross

My whole idea for this outfit had been to pair the corset with a mesh maxi skirt from Jane for a more goth, less punk type look but the skirt cut in to the corset so it didn’t work.   So I ended up going the other way entirely.

I love this mini skirt from Blow-Up.  It’s tiny, like coordinate-your-undies-with-your-outfit tiny but the quality and the details are awesome.  Plus I think it’s cute.

this blue eyeshadow's a bit much, even for me

tell me more!

Style Card

Bra: Dutch Touch – black
Top: Trend Setterz – Black Lace mini dress
Stripped Arm Warmers: Canimal – small stripes
Prim Arm Warmers: Berries Inc – arm-warmer darkgrey
Corset: *KaS* – Waist Corset
Skirt: Blow-Up – MiniSkirt Zipped Black Denim
Underpants: Canimal – Deadly Seduction
Stockings: Vexed – Latex stockings ~Black~ stay-ups
Fishnets: WRONG – Fishnet Stockings
Boots: Evale – bound wedge boot

Collar:  HOC Industries – Good Girl Kitty Collar Pink
Long Necklace: Aly – Alexandria Diamond Cross Necklace
Bead Necklace: alaskametro<3 – Black bead strand (was Opium Everyday)
Other Necklaces: The P!nk Bandaid – Tres Diablos Necklace

Hair: Refuge – Sereena
Black Eye Shadow: Caliente Express  – Eyeshadow Smoke Eyes
Blue Eyeshadow: Oceane – Dark Blue sparkling eyeshadow
Eyelashes: Redgrave – Diva
Nails: Awesome Designs – French Tip Manicure Black
Skin: Belleza – Aiko medium group gift
Eyes: Ikon – Sunrise Eyes

Bite Me

Today’s look was inspired by this mesh top from Apple May:

look at me with my traditional standing-in-front-of-a-wall photo style lately

Now my boobs are staring at YOU.  How does it feel?

The top was  from the Mesh Around hunt.  I’ve been pretty slow getting on the mesh bandwagon, mostly because I’m stubborn about always having to change my shape to fit the clothes.  Also I love to layer and it’s hard to chuck a jacket or vest or something over a mesh top.

This top keeps clipping around my shoulders. I’m not sure what I’d have to adjust to fix that though.

I’m starting to feel pretty unfashionable though turning up somewhere in my old-fashioned clothes layers and seeing everyone else meshed up from head to toe.

why did this one come out with such rough edges?

Style Card

Top: Apple May – Graphic Tanks – Gobbler (from the Mesh Around Hunt)
Shorts: Apple May – Kami Shorts
Boots: Celoe – Cairo Boots

Necklace: Fusion – Eternal Necklace
Lip Rings: Blow-Up – Pearcing Double Ring Black Sphere
Bracelet: +grasp+/Beed and Leather strap bracelet

Eyelashes: Redgrave – Diva
Hair: TRUTH – Alyssa
Eye Shadow: Caliente Express – Eyeshadow Smoke Eyes
Nails: Awesome Designs – French Tip Manicure Black
Skin: Belleza – Aiko medium group gift
Eyes: Ikon – Sunrise Eyes

It’s Never Winter In Second Life

…but I’m not going to let that stop me enjoying my winter fashions.  Or at least autumn fashions.

photos taken at Mayfair. This one’s just across the road from where I took these shots.

(dramatic eye roll)

The next pic was supposed to show off my awesome boots from Celoe but I got a bit sidetracked with the Depth of Field setting:

the view from here’s nice though

Style Card

Top: COCO – Turtleneck Sweater
Skirt: Luck Inc – Low Mini Jeans Skirt
Tights: No.9 Nylons – Shiny Pantyhose II
Socks: Whippet & Buck – Dear Stephanie Stockings
Boots: Celoe – Cairo Boots

Bag: ETD – Everyday Tote
Necklace: Burroughs Jewellery – Forever Necklace
Earrings: Persona – Babyboy and Babygirl (one of each)
Lip Rings: Blow-Up – Pearcing Double Ring Black Sphere

Hair: Refuge – Chloe
Eye Shadow: Caliente Express – Eyeshadow Smoke Eyes
Nails: Awesome Designs – French Tip Manicure Black
Skin: Belleza – Aiko medium group gift
Eyes: Ikon – Sunrise Eyes