Today’s outfit is brought to you by this demo cap from Neurolab.  It’s a $1 demo but it’s also perfectly wearable – you just pay for hats with different designs on them.  Maybe it’s just because I’m cheap but I like that idea.  It also has great resizing and stretching scripts in it that made it surprisingly easy to fit over my unmoddable mesh hair.  Admittedly though this is some of the flatter hair I have and the hat’s still huge.

These are also the new and improved UBU High-Tops.  They look just like the old ones I own but now they’ve got improved scripts and – the reason I got them – you can now remove the scripts, so I don’t feel bad wearing them to busy places any more.

Photos were taken at NN City, much better photographed by Melusina Parkin on Flickr.

What I’m Wearing:

Hat: Neurolab – MESH CAP “Brand” V.3
Bodysuit: R.icielli – IRIS body
Shoes: UBU PornStar Hi-Tops

Pearl Bracelet: Acid & Mala – My Fav Bracelet Black Pearls
Spiked Bracelet: Pure Poison – Wicki Spikes Bracelets
 Alienbear – “Love-Love-Love” Necklace
Belt: S&S – F Belt Silver (no longer available it looks like)

Hair: Lelutka – Cheryl
 Redgrave – Diva
Silver Eye Shadow: R.icielli – 9 Eyeshadows Promotion
Dark Eye Shadow: Caliente Express – Eyeshadow Smoke Eyes
 Belleza – Aiko (tan)
Eyes: Ikon – Sunrise Eyes

Then Again I’m Half Crow

Today I decided to stretch my wings in a little farm field at the Sand Hill Country:

Oh my god that scary guy's still here.  Maybe I'll come back later.

Oh my god that scary guy’s still here. Maybe I’ll come back later.

I used the Wasteland windlight setting that comes with Firestorm, which I somehow picked accidentally thinking it was the sim’s default.  It looks like there’s a glowey prim over the sky that gives everything a kind of surreal look (and that dark halo around me) no matter what your settings are.

Just kidding.  We’re cool.

The wings are some old sculpted angel wings from Sensations.  They have a variety of positions and textures  and they flap when you fly, which is nice.

I’m on a roof.

The long nails were going for a claws look.  It’s  a shame I couldn’t wear them separately from the rings though.


I don’t know how I lived before multiple makeup layers.

Off to find my next adventure.

What I’m Wearing

Bodysuit (and scarf): Nemesis – Friendship bodysuit
Corset: ISON – geometric corset
Tights: SHOP Toshy – Panty Hose Black Seducer
Boots: Bax Coen – Prestige Boots (Black Leather)

Earrings: Fusion – Dagger Multi Earrings

Hair: ETD – Gwen
 Redgrave – Diva
Silver Eyeshadow: Bubble Faintree – Linter 1L promo
Eyeliner: Boom – The Boldness
Skin: Belleza – Aiko medium
Eyes: Damien Fate – FATEeyes
Wings: Earalia Nolan – Angel Wings

Future Tense

Today’s photos were taken at Insilico.  Insilico is a beautifully detailed and atmospheric sci fi city spread over several sims.  Great place to explore if your computer can run it smoothly.

pants are SO 20th century

I don’t know if I really pulled off the look I was going for.  The only approriately sci fi thing I own is this pair of cyber eyes from Neurolab.  They glow, the irises rotate and you can change the colours.  Here I am blending in with the neon signs:

Click for a bigger version so you can see the eyes better

I don’t know if the night shots worked out either.  I thought they captured the feel better and definitely show off the eyes better but maybe I needed a middle ground.

…and here’s the movie poster.  See take two because I couldn’t pick one


Bodysuit: Maitreya – Bodysuit (white)
Boots: BAX – Prestige Boots (White Leather)
Jacket: Nyte’N’Day – Moitie Jacket (white)

Belt: COCO – Wide Belt (white)
Earrings: Fusion – Gem Earrings
Gun: M/S – COLT-45

Hair: Truth – Mini (snow)
Eyes: NeurolaB Inc – Cyber Eyes “Deus Edition”
Eyelashes: Redgrave – Classy
Skin: Belleza – Aiko

Cyber Race Queen

Or, Creative Post Title Queen.

I thought I’d try blogging the Cyber Race Queen outfit from Bare Rose because

a) it’s cute; and
b) it’s what I was wearing at the time

and c) you should always be ready for rain

The outfit also came in pink and red with the matching parasols and headsets.  B@R stuff always includes  great accessories .  It’s a shame they’re all no-copy so I’m too scared to tweak them for other outfits.

I thought that skirt sculpt hadn’t loaded properly but it turns out it just looks a bit broken from some angles.  I never really noticed it till I did this photo though.

I took the photos at the Cyber-TECH store, it has an approriate sci-fi motor show look and their mesh flying cars are beautiful.  Way too expensive for me, but beautiful.

Outfit: Bare Rose – Cyber Race Queen BlueGureen
Eyeliner: BOOM – Scissor me Timbers
Hair: TRUTH – Mini (snow, tinted to match my outfit)
Skin: Belleza – Aiko medium group gift
Pose (second photo): Y.M.X – mote*kawa 14