Not much to say today besides that this look is really all about this leather vest from DE Designs.

Photos were taken at Rerty Zoo.

Half of what I’m wearing is the same as in my last post which is a big coincidence considering how many looks I went through between them.

Also if anyone knows why my screenshots sometimes come out with jagged edges and sometimes don’t I’m all ears.

What I’m Wearing

Vest: DE Designs – Ronda – Jacket – Black Leather
Leggings: HOC Industries – Shiny Leggings

Necklaces: Fusion – Chained Pearl Necklace (Silver)
Belt: Fusion – Black wide leather waist belt

Silver Eye Shadow: R.icielli – 9 Eyeshadows Promotion
Dark Eye Shadow: Caliente Express – Eyeshadow Smoke Eyes
Eyelashes: Redgrave – Diva
Lipstick: Pink Acid – Matte Pastry Lipstick – Pale Pink
Hair: Burley – Diana
Eyes: Ikon – Sunrise Eyes
Skin: Belleza – Aiko (medium)

Also wearing but didn’t get in the photo:

Bracelets: Naith Smit Design – Rock’n’Rolla wrist band
Shoes:  Lethal Couture – AMEN Distress Bootie

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