Perfectly Capable of Entertaining Myself

I feel like this is a very “me” look and was partly inspired by Mary in The Lizzy Bennett Diaries.  You should watch it.  It’s great.

Even more emotastic than usual

These photos were taken at my place because for the last few days SL won’t let me teleport anywhere.  Like some kind of house arrest.

That’s right, I’m copyrighted

Style Card

Vest: Whippet & Buck – Tea Hawks Vest
T-Shirt: Aitui – Copyright Tee
Jeans: Drawmachine – Sexy Ass Jeans
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit – PornStar Hi-Tops

Necklace: Aly – Alexandria Diamond Cross Necklace
Bracelet: Grasp – Beed and Leather strap bracelet

Hair: Truth – Jess
Eye Shadow: Caliente Express  – Eyeshadow Smoke Eyes
Nails: Awesome Designs – French Tip Manicure Black
Skin: Belleza – Aiko medium group gift
Eyes: Ikon – Sunrise Eyes


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