Cyber Race Queen

Or, Creative Post Title Queen.

I thought I’d try blogging the Cyber Race Queen outfit from Bare Rose because

a) it’s cute; and
b) it’s what I was wearing at the time

and c) you should always be ready for rain

The outfit also came in pink and red with the matching parasols and headsets.  B@R stuff always includes  great accessories .  It’s a shame they’re all no-copy so I’m too scared to tweak them for other outfits.

I thought that skirt sculpt hadn’t loaded properly but it turns out it just looks a bit broken from some angles.  I never really noticed it till I did this photo though.

I took the photos at the Cyber-TECH store, it has an approriate sci-fi motor show look and their mesh flying cars are beautiful.  Way too expensive for me, but beautiful.

Outfit: Bare Rose – Cyber Race Queen BlueGureen
Eyeliner: BOOM – Scissor me Timbers
Hair: TRUTH – Mini (snow, tinted to match my outfit)
Skin: Belleza – Aiko medium group gift
Pose (second photo): Y.M.X – mote*kawa 14


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